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Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose

Jul 26, 2020

In this episode, we are discussing how our preferences often lead to suffering. Glenn dives into the ways we can begin to let go of these preferences that might be closing us off from other opportunities and situations.

I recently teamed up with my friend Dr. Gina Madrigrano to put together a course to help you deal with the struggles of living through the Covid-19 crisis. In this course we talk about managing fear and anxiety, letting go of our need for control, creating routines and healthy boundaries at home, how to help your kids through the difficulties of this situation, and how to take stock in what really matters to you in order to lead a happier life on the other side of this. We have also included extras such as guided meditations, some of our most relevant talks we have given on these subjects, and more. Our hope, is to help you through this trying time.

Peace in a Pandemic - with Glenn Ambrose & Dr. Gina Madrigrano


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