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Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose

Jan 19, 2020

The word "should" can be very dangerous. By itself it may be harmless, but generally the word "should" comes with all sorts of expectations and judgements. In this episode, Glenn breaks down the problem with the word "should", and how to avoid the negative emotions that are tied to it!

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Jan 4, 2020

Everything in the world has a vibration. When we choose to live from love, everything gets a little easier. The good things get better, and the difficult things have less of an effect on us. In this episode, Glenn dives into what it means to live in the vibration of love, and the benefits it can have on your life!


Dec 22, 2019

Our life is our responsibility. The choices we make, big or small effect our entire lives. In this episode, Glenn dives deep into why we hesitate from fear on making the choices we know are right, and taking responsibility for our lives.


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Dec 7, 2019

How and why we do things matters as much, if not more than the things we actually do! In this episode, Glenn gives examples and advice on how to make sure you are bringing the right energy you want to be to a given situation.

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Nov 28, 2019

In this bonus episode, Glenn is joined by famed Pro Bowl Running Back for the New England Patriots, Tony Collins! After setting team records and leading the Patriots to their first Super Bowl appearance, an injury turned Tony's life upside down. This lead Tony down a path of addiction which he overcame, and now uses to...